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PROJECT: PEGASUS (Experimental Film)

Director: Ryan DeCarlo

Editor: Ryan DeCarlo

3D / Motion Design: Ekene Nwokeke, Ryan DeCarlo

Compositor: Ryan DeCarlo

Actress: Vanessa Bisono

Mix Engineer: Brian Chirlo

Audio Tracks: JM Scherf & Tenacious Orchestra


Achieving the Best Experimental award at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2018 and earning Official Selection at The Block Film Festival 2019, my short film is a culmination of skills and techniques honed through my experience as a designer and avid movie viewer. While 95% of my time is typically spent designing in Photoshop and AfterEffects, I ventured behind the lens of a camera after acquiring a Digital Camera (Sony 6300) and production equipment from B&H. Pegasus stands as my inaugural attempt with this new equipment. With the aim of crafting a short film that exudes creepiness, mystery, and coolness

Image 004.png




I found more enjoyment in editing the breakdown than in the film itself.

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