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Best Experimental at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Holywood 2018 and Official Selection at The Block Film Festival 2019 I created a short film utilizing skills and techniques I've acquired working as a designer and simply watching movies. 95% of my time is spent designing in Photoshop and AfterEffects but rarely behind the lens of a camera. I bought a Digital Camera (Sony 6300) and some production equipment from B&H. Pegasus is my first attempt at using my new equipment. My goal was to create a short film that was creepy, mysterious, and cool. I'm making four films under one storyline. Each film will be classified as a different genre to help me learn new techniques. Each film will have its own style while incorporating its predecessor. Director: Ryan DeCarlo Actress: Vanessa Bisono Mix Engineer: Brian Chirlo Audio Tracks: JM Scherf & Tenacious Orchestra 3D Modeling: Ekene Nwokeke, Ryan DeCarlo Concept / Design / 3D Artist / Cinematography / Lightening / Edit / Composite: Ryan DeCarlo Produced at Motion Hub

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I personally enjoy the break-down better than the film.

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