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Client: Omnicom Media Group


Executive Creative Director: Athena Maroulis

Creative Director: Ryan DeCarlo

Editing: Ryan DeCarlo

3D / Motion Design: Ryan DeCarlo, Dathan Dedman


Every year, Omnicom Media Group produces a sizzle reel to sum up the accomplishments of the year. In a period characterized by extensive experimentation with 3D caustics in the VFX industry, I recognized a compelling chance to blend this technique with the concept of "reflections." With OMG reflecting on the successes of the year, I embraced this theme. The 3D caustics I incorporated produced vivid color-bending reflections and refractions, acting as a visual metaphor for OMG's contemplative review of the year that has passed.

Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 9_edited.jpg



I examined various lighting angles for the company's logo. Finding the right angles proved to be a meticulous task, but after careful consideration, we successfully identified a few angles and seamlessly integrated them into the edit as transitions.

omg sizzle stills_edited_edited.jpg
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