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PROJECT: OMG Holiday Video

Client: Omnicom Media Group


Executive Creative Director: Athena Maroulis

Creative Director: Ryan DeCarlo

Stop-Motion: David Szmit

Compositor: Ryan DeCarlo

Editor: Christian Conyer

3D / Motion Design: Ryan DeCarlo, David Szmit

Audio: Christian Conyer


"Come Together" elegantly explores the intricacies of our differences through abstract representation. The objects serve as symbols for the diverse cultures and practices found across various countries. The unifying element manifests in the form of a ring, a wreath, symbolizing peace and good tidings. During a time marked by isolation and remote work, the question emerged: "How can we convey unity in a global company when everyone is physically separated?" The answer lay in the shared connection among all – working off their OMG laptops. Technically, we undertook the experiment of seamlessly blending stop-motion and 3D animation, aligning with the concept of "unity" by merging two distinct techniques. Surprisingly, this project received 8 media awards. 1 Silver, MUSE Creative Awards. 1 Gold, Vega Awards. 1 Gold, NYX Awards. 1 Platinum, Viddy Awards. 1 Platinum, Hermes Creative Awards. 1 Gold, AVA Digital Awards. 1 Golds MarCom Awards. 1 Platinum, DotComm Awards. Music: Chrisitan Conyers Motion Designer: David Szmit Editor: Christian Conyers Stop-Motion: David Szmit Creative Director / 3D artist: Ryan DeCarlo Executive Director: Athena Maroulis

Image 082.png
2020_Holiday_Video_MASTER_rd_v03 (00556) full.png
2020_Holiday_Video_MASTER_rd_v03 (00466) full.png
Image 081.png



Unfortunately, we had a very limited budget for this project. Motion Designer, David Smitz, generously volunteered to shoot the stop-motion scene in his own living room.

Image 001.png
Image 002.png
Image 083.png
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