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PROJECT: OFFF Opening Film “Coalesce” 



EVP / Executive Producer: Krystina Wilson
Head of Production: Cat Pavitt
Producer: Samantha Wong
Production Coordinator: Kaitlyn Gorman
Written By: Christopher Friesen
Directors: Jake Cuddihy, Brian Drucker, Christopher Friesen, Lawrence Jones, Timothy Williams

My Role: 3D Artist
Music and Post-Production Sound: Yessian Music
Colorist: Company 3, Dominic Phipps


Framestore Design Studio has proudly created ‘Coalesce’, the Opening Film for @offfest Barcelona 2023. With an open brief and total creative freedom, the film is inspired by the idea of letting go of control, and the beautiful and unexpected things that can happen when you do. Centred around collaboration, the project encompasses the talents of the whole US Design team, bringing together their various styles and disciplines.




I consider myself fortunate to collaborate with Tim Williams and Brian Drucker on this project. I was presented with the opportunity to design a scene to be integrated into this piece. Over the weekend, I dedicated my time (without charge), concentrating on camera movements that harmonized with the music score. Additionally, I incorporated fog and mist to create a pleasant ambiance. Despite having only a few days and limited downtime to work on this, I'm pleased that it seamlessly fits within the overall piece.

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