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Client: Meta

Marketing Director: Ciara Farren


Agency: SS+K
Media: Spark Foundry
Production: Rakish
Production Services: Rattling Stick
Post-Production/VFX: Framestore
Design Creative Director: Tim Williams
2D Animation: Ryan DeCarlo
Editorial: Work UK


On May 10th, Meta launching a campaign to make parents and guardians aware of Instagram’s Family tools such as Daily Time Limit and Default Private Accounts. The creative showcases different tools and features that support parents to help their teenagers have a safer and healthier experience on the app. The campaign will run across print, out of home, digital, audio and connected TV in the UK, France and Belgium for two months. It was developed by creative agency SS&K, supported by Meta’s in-house Creative X team. Freedman International handled transcreation and Spark Foundry are responsible for media buying. The creative for Daily Time Limit, a supervision tool which caps the amount of time spent on Instagram, touches on the reality of negotiating the time limit with a teenager, highlighting how important it is to have a conversation and agree caps together. The film was produced by Rakish and directed by award-winning director Fern Berresford. Work Editorial handle editing and Framestore delivered the online. These are just some of the tools and features that Meta has in place to help families have a more positive experience on our platforms. Ciara Farren, marketing director, Europe at Meta said, “We want to help keep young people safer online, which includes supporting parents and guardians to be more involved in their teens’ experiences”. Meta’s developed more than 30 tools to support families, including supervision tools, that help parents and teens work together to manage teens’ time on our platform. We want parents and teens to know about these tools – and to use them – so today we’re launching a new ad campaign to help make parents aware of our safety and supervision tools.”





While animating these UI elements, I took care to align them with the brand's distinctive style. Meta possesses its own brand voice, and I aimed to distinguish the motion graphics from those of companies like Google or Apple. Moreover, in line with Meta's brand voice, I sought to communicate a sense of alertness and security. The motion graphics incorporate friendly subtle eases while exuding an aura of control and confidence.

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