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Omni, Omnicom’s industry-leading operating system, is a suite of proprietary applications that can integrate with clients’ first-party data and technology to deliver an unprecedented level of marketing orchestration. Omni improves efficiency and effectiveness by creating an environment where you can leverage the same data across workflow, insights, planning, activation, reporting, attribution, and optimization. I was tasked with the opportunity to produce a video for Omni to help clients visually understand its capabilities. Together with this video, Omni relaunched with a fresh look. Music: Chrisitan Conyers VO: Maya Tuttle Motion Designer: Lisa Reid, David Szmit, Ryan DeCarlo Editor: Christian Conyers Creative Director / 3D artist: Ryan DeCarlo Executive Director: Athena Maroulis Produced at Omnicom Media Group




We originally pitched a proposal that was fully 3D animation but due to time and budget, we pivoted about 70% of the animations back into 2D animation to help with last-minute revisions.

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