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"Come Together" is a piece that examines the details of our difference in an elegant, abstract way. The objects represent myriad cultures, countries practices. We come together in one united symbol of unity, a ring, a wreath of peace and good tidings. During a time of isolation and remote working, we asked ourselves, "How can we show unity in a global company when everyone is physically separated?" We realized everyone had one common connection - working off their OMG laptops. Also, from a technical perspective, we experimented with the idea of merging stop-motion and 3D animation together, seamlessly. This also worked with the concept of "unity" by unifying two different techniques. Surprisingly, this project won 8 media awards: 1 Silver, MUSE Creative Awards. 1 Gold, Vega Awards. 1 Gold, NYX Awards. 1 Platinum, Viddy Awards. 1 Platinum, Hermes Creative Awards. 1 Gold, AVA Digital Awards. 1 Golds MarCom Awards. 1 Platinum, DotComm Awards. Music: Chrisitan Conyers Motion Designer: David Szmit Editor: Christian Conyers Stop-Motion: David Szmit Creative Director / 3D artist: Ryan DeCarlo Executive Director: Athena Maroulis

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Demo Reel 2022 (the 10th reel) showcases Ry’s Creative Director and Designer credentials. On his first nine Demo Reels, Ryan DeCarlo established himself as a skilled motion graphic artist, who could hold his own in the freelance circuit, often hired alongside industry-leading creative directors, artists, and production studios. Rather than defend his experience editing a montage of corporate commercials, theatrical/broadcast work, and typical trends, he edits together a reel that echoes more as digital fine art—revealing a fragment of personal styles, imagination, and craftsmanship. That unknowingly has influenced other creative directors, artists, and studios. ​This new reel and website are teasers of what’s to come from this new Creative Director. Enjoy!

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