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Client: Omnicom Media Group


Executive Creative Director: Athena Maroulis

Creative Director: Ryan DeCarlo

Compositing: Ryan DeCarlo

Editing: Christian Conyer

3D / Motion Design: Ryan DeCarlo, Lisa Reid, David Szmit

VO: Maya Tuttle

Audio: Christian Conyer


Omni, Omnicom's cutting-edge operating system, comprises a suite of exclusive applications capable of seamless integration with clients' first-party data and technology. This integration results in an unparalleled level of marketing orchestration. Omni enhances efficiency and effectiveness by establishing an environment where data can be leveraged consistently across various aspects, including workflow, insights, planning, activation, reporting, attribution, and optimization. I had the privilege of being tasked with creating a video for Omni, aiming to provide clients with a visual understanding of its capabilities. The release of this video coincided with Omni's relaunch, featuring a refreshed look. Produced at Omnicom Media Group




Our initial proposal centered around a fully 3D animated concept. However, due to time and budget constraints, we made a strategic decision to shift approximately 70% of the animations back to 2D animation to facilitate last-minute revisions.

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